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I meet so many San Diego families who tell me, “We haven’t had a new family portrait taken since the baby was born!” The Dalo family was no exception. Baby Grace was almost a year old, and Mason and Shani decided they needed an updated portrait that included the whole family. It can be difficult to schedule portraits in a baby’s first year – much less portraits of your whole family! Fortunately, the Dalos scheduled just before the holidays, and we were able to capture a ton of great images of everyone. They were able to order prints for their home as well as create a really cute Christmas card full of professional images.

 mama and baby

A session of your “new” family doesn’t have to be long or complicated! Cooper, Grace’s big brother, enjoyed our session as an adventure! We went to a wooded location with a variety of trails where he could explore and pick up rocks and sticks to play with. The family made sure to bring simple snacks, so no one got grumpy, and we alternated between individual shots of the kids, shots of the parents, and shots of the whole family.

boy running on a path through weeds

It’s important to consider the ages of the young ones when creating a family portrait…guess what? You might not always get that “perfect” image with everyone looking at the camera with a smile on their face, but that’s okay! We’re capturing a moment in time.

san diego family photography in a wooded setting family photography san diego

As you can see in the image at the top of the page, Grace has a beautiful smile, but in one family portrait, she looks rather serious. Sure, if the goal is for you to get an image of the perfect family with perfect smiles on your faces, that’s what I’m going to try to capture, but believe me when I say it’s not worth it to belabor trying to get that

ONE perfect shot while missing other incredible shots that are so much more natural! I love shots that evolve from everyone just having fun or being silly.


Think about it…What does your family do naturally? – They interact!! – No wonder children don’t have patience for facing some stranger with camera gear and smiling like they are having the time of their lives! Remember, the photographer doesn’t always know which smile is your child’s “natural” smile. The more you coach it, the less natural it gets, so try to relax and have fun…I think you will be glad you did.

mother and son sitting together in a park father and son sitting on a low tree branch

Mason and Shani had such a great attitude about their family session, and we all had a lot of fun together. Their images turned out looking relaxed and natural because that’s exactly how they felt! Thanks for a great session guys!! Can’t wait for our next!

san diego couple at old steel bridge



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