Professional Photographers of San Diego County

January begins the second half of my presidency of Professional Photographers of San Diego County (PPSDC). It has already been a wild ride, and it’s only getting better. So far, under my watch and the watch of my fabulous board, we have completed two image competitions, had photo-superstar Scott Robert Lim come to speak to our organization, learned how to do pinup with Holland and Alisha McGraw of Some Like it Shot Photography, and educated our membership with a business roundtable.

Coming up, we have several very talented speakers, as well as a membership drive in April and even more image competitions (starting January 8th!). Our membership is mid-sized but mighty, and we are proud to call some of the most caring, talented, and wonderful professional photographers in this county (or any other!) our members.

I am so proud to have come up through the ranks of this organization – one that values quality photographic education and fellowship. I have found mentors and friends, and I have improved my craft more than I ever thought possible.

Being president also means having to write more about the art and business of photography – good preparation for increased blogging on my own site this year. It has made me more reflective about photography and business, and I have been actively seeking out RSS feeds and books on both. I get an average of 30-50 blog posts in my Feeddler app each day. I skim most of them and send the ones that look especially interesting to my Evernote account for followup later. If you don’t use these apps or apps like them, you are really missing out – they are great tools for any tidbits you’d like to organize! (Maybe I will write another post on them later…)

At any rate, quality input + thought and blending of ideas, sometimes = serendipity, so I’m doing the work and putting my best, most authentic self forward into all that I do, and we’ll see what happens…




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