How to be a spectacular client…like KPBS

Over the last several years, I have had the distinct pleasure of being the preferred event photographer for KPBS – the local PBS affiliate here in San Diego. I will admit it…they quickly became one of my favorite clients.

First of all, the people who work at the station are crazy good at what they do. I had been an avid listener to the radio station for years before I worked with them as a photographer, and I find that they give the best mix of hard hitting news and human interest stories around. The reporters are both personable and professional, and their commitment to the San Diego community is apparent. One of the coolest experiences for me has been to create images of local legends like Gloria Penner, Ken Kramer, and Huell Howser. They are interesting to shoot, at least in part, because they are interesting people…what is is that makes you interesting, and how can we capture that?

portrait of San Diego radio personality Gloria Penner
Gloria Penner
Huell Howser
Ken Kramer KPBS San Diego
Ken Kramer

Another reason it’s been so fun to work with the station is that KPBS really knows how to throw a party! From a 60’s-themed event for the station’s 50th anniversary, to a masquerade ball, to open houses where the public can meet stars like the Cat in the Hat, KPBS events are always a good time. The lesson? If we’re having a good time, you’re going to get great images.

photo of KPBS personality Erik Anderson at the KPBS gala
KPBS personality Erik Anderson
Cat in the Hat KPBS  003
The Cat in the Hat with two adoring fans

Finally, working with the people at KPBS is just a delight! They are all kind and accommodating, and they appreciate the work I do – which makes me want to create amazing images for them! Thanks, KPBS, for being so wonderful!

KPBS Staff  001
KPBS Staff



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