Why do I need a family photographer?

The family photographer…a thing of the past? We are so inundated by images these days that our eyes gloss over and we lose the ability to distinguish between quality images and the rest. I believe that the family photographer is still relevant to our lives, and a good family photographer should be able to show and tell you why.

photo of family of three in 4S Ranch neighborhood of San Diego

A quality family photographer does more than just push a button. They are friend, consultant, comedian, resource, counselor, and artist. They should be able to pose you in ways that flatter your body type and provide lighting that accentuates the positive and leaves those extra pounds in shadow. They can tell you why white is NOT the best choice for portraits, but they also know that it is a better choice than mixing plaids and polka dots. The family photographer is makeup artist, too…even if you’ve tried to cover up that giant blemish, with two clicks, they can make it as though it never existed!

Not just anyone can photograph families. They must be patient, current on the latest teen and tween gossip, practiced in knock-knock jokes, goofy to a point, always focused and ready to immortalize that perfect moment. They make sure thatĀ everyone is represented in the images. (I can tell you who the image maker is in your family because they’re not in any pictures!) Family photographers capture character and personality in ways that sometimes mom and dad just can’t…have you ever been behind the camera and heard, “Geez, mom! Put the camera down!!!” or worse yet, they simply pull the hoodie all the way down to their lips?

A family photographer is a documentarian of milestones. A trusted ally as the family goes through life. The person to call when the baby is days old, the first tooth is lost, the senior is graduating, the grandparents want a multi-generational portrait…and it goes on and on.

This is why I love what I do. I build a relationship with clients that lasts beyond a single session. I am there for the long haul, at the ready any time, and I want to beĀ your family photographer.



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