Five Great Reasons to have Family Portraits Created in San Diego in the Fall

San Diego is a wonderful place to have family portraits created at ANY time of year, but fall is especially nice for a variety of reasons…

#5 – The clouds…we don’t see them very often in the summer, but as fall rolls on, the clouds are puffy and pretty, and they diffuse the sunlight so shadows are not so harsh…clouds help to make yummy light!

#4 – The breeze…yes, it’s a little clich√©, but the wind in your hair can make for a lovely photo. portrait of high school senior girl in a blue dress next to a pondIt can also be frustrating, if it is blowing in the wrong direction, but images with just a little motion in the hair just seem to pop.

#3 – Family is together anyway for the holidays in the fall, so why not make some memories? Family photography doesn’t happen that often anymore. We all snap images with our cell phones, but when was the last time everyone in your family was actually in the picture? Yes, the holidays can be stressful, but family photography doesn’t have to be. Just get together for a quick mini-session, and when not all of you can be together next time, you’ll be glad you photo at Balboa Park San Diego

 #2 РYou can wear your snuggly clothes and cozy up to one another!

family in brown sweaters San Diego family photography

And the number one reason to have your family portraits created in San Diego in the fall is…

#1 – Yes, I’ll say it…there are fewer tourists in San Diego in the fall, and it makes having family pictures created so much easier! Balboa Park has emptied, you can actually find parking at the beaches, and you will have all that beautiful San Diego real estate to yourselves! The image below could not have been captured on an overly-crowded beach…

family photography on the beach at sunset



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