Family Photos at the Beach

If you’ve lived in San Diego for a while, you’ve probably taken family photos at the beach. It sounds cliché, but it does provide a beautiful backdrop for your family’s portraits. There are several beaches in San Diego that work really well for portraits. Not to say that a flat beach with pretty waves won’t work, but there are more interesting backgrounds to be found. You don’t want JUST a beautiful sunset setting the scene…think about the surroundings and what provides variety in your family photos. Some beaches have cliffs, others, a nice hotel or the city in the background. If you go to some beaches a low tide, you can get a beautiful reflection in the sand, while at others you have a pier to work with. You and your photographer should discuss the goals of your beach shoot before you head out…there are all kinds of beautiful surprises out there!

family photo in front of golden cliffs at the beach

family photography on the beach San Diego

three boys running on the beach family photography


couple jumping in the air at the beach by Spark Photography


family photo in front of intense sunset at the beach




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